What TalentUp Africa offers you

We have created an ecosystem between assessment, training, and placement to help you navigate your career path.

Professional CV

Use our intuitive mobile template to build and download your professional CV in five simple steps.

Jobs Board

Real-time job vacancy updates from leading companies.


Take quizzes to enhance your candidacy for open positions through showing your competences and capabilities.

Leadership Academy

Are you dreaming of becoming one of Africa’s future leader? Apply for our 6-week industry specific boot camp to hone your skills and match you directly with employers.

Online Courses

Browse between and enrol in, online courses tailored to match companies’ recruitment needs.

To get started:

Create Profile

Sign up on our mobile or web app. We receive your standardized, accessible, and searchable profile, while you receive a standardized resume in PDF format.

Take Assessments

Take our aptitude, personality and/or industry-specific assessments. We identify your talent and help you stand out against competition.

Apply for Jobs

Browse through and enrol for jobs. Enrol in skills specific online courses to enhance chances of employment. We use an algorithm drawing on your background information and assessment results as recruitment tools, aiding you to find employment fast.

Apply for Leadership Academy

Apply for the Talentup Africa Leadership Academy (TLA). Receive industry specific certifications. We use your background information and assessment results to identify select individuals who could benefit from our program.